Survival of the crash not expected Anne Heche on life support.
Survival of the crash not expected Anne Heche on life support.

According to a statement from a spokesperson, Anne Heche is on life support after sustaining a brain damage in a violent incident a week ago, and it isn’t believed that she will survive.

In a statement issued Thursday night on behalf of her family and friends, it was stated that the star, who is in a severe condition and is in a coma, is being maintained on life support in case she decides to donate her organs.

According to the statement, Heche, who is being treated at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital north of Los Angeles, has a “serious anoxic brain damage.” Such a damage is brought on by a persistent deficiency of oxygen to the brain.

The statement stated that “she is not anticipated to live.” She has long opted to donate her organs, and doctors are keeping her on life support while they check to see whether any of them are still functional.

Heche’s automobile crashed into a house in a west Los Angeles area early on August 5; the house caught fire as the car was still lodged inside.

Police had earlier on Thursday claimed to be looking into Heche’s suspected drunken driving. Her blood was drawn by detectives with a search warrant, and they discovered drugs in her system, according to LAPD spokesman Officer Jeff Lee.