Kaduna: Residents fear that bandits are advancing and would soon seize control of the state.
Kaduna: Residents fear that bandits are advancing and would soon seize control of the state.

Residents of Kaduna raised the alarm on Saturday about the rising tide of armed bandit attacks in the state and its surroundings.

They claim that given the bandits’ rapid advance, they will shortly proclaim one of their commanders as the state’s governor.


Bandits have more advanced firearms than security personnel, according to Musa Abilewa, a former chief security officer for the Kauru Local Government Area.


He said that by the time they name their governor, El-Rufai could resign as governor of Kaduna because when robbers attack the military or any other security personnel, they will all flee for protection.


Since most crimes take place in villages and communities, the locals demanded that there be a security presence there rather than only in the city. They said that some bandits terrorized, abducted, and raped locals using these communities’ lax protection.


Mr. Silas Dogo, the village leader of Idon, Kajuru LGA, claims that robbers target his community whenever they want and that there isn’t a single security station there.


Additionally, Jonathan Asakede, a resident of Kajuru LGA’s Kallah settlement, said that many women had been sexually assaulted by bandits since no single female captured by bandits, whether married or not, is exempt from this crime.


Mr. Yohanna Musa voiced concern that if severe security measures are not implemented, Kaduna State may become a bandit-controlled state.


“I’m curious about the direction Kaduna State could go in the next years. Some villages are currently under the grip of bandits, who will shortly seize control of all 23 local governments in the state.


According to Mrs. Juliana Moses, Kasuwan Magani, and Chikun LGA, bandits have made it impossible for them to visit their bush marketplaces.

She said that the high price of food on the market was caused by the fact that people could no longer travel to bush markets to get food at low costs.

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