Cortisync Review – Does It Work, Is It Legit?

Cortisync Review - Does It Work, Is It Legit?
Cortisync Review – Does It Work, Is It Legit?

In this Courtisync Review, we will see what this supplement is and whether or not you really need it. We will also check to see if Courtisync works, if it can really help you lose weight by naturally reducing cortisol levels in your body.

What Is Cortisync?

Cortisync Review - Does It Work, Is It Legit?
Cortisync Review – Does It Work, Is It Legit?

Cortisync is a 100% natural dietary supplement which have been clinically proven to balance cortisol levels in your body starting from two weeks after you start taking it. It enhances your physical performance, boosts your strength and energy, it improves metabolic functions in your body, it also increases focus, memory and attention span.

The CortiSync product was developed exclusively for males to regulate cortisol levels by treating the fundamental cause.

Cortisync is made by Primegenix and sold exclusively online through only the manufacturer’s website at

Cortisync utilizes an all-natural ingredient combination to balance cortisol. Instead of using habit-forming supplements or prescription medicines to manage stress, consider using plant-based components, vitamins, and minerals like those in Cortisync.

Each bottle of Cortisync cost $69, and your purchase of cortisync is covered by a 67 days money back guarantee.

Cortisync helps you lose weight in two ways. First s that it balances cortisol levels in your body starting from two weeks after you start using Cortisync. The second way Cortisync helps you lose weight is that it speeds up or improves your body’s metabolic process, thereby helping your body to burn calories very fast, and stopping your body from storing up fat.

What Is Cortisol And Can It Make You Become Overweight?

From the foregoing, it is good for us to know what Cortisol is and whether or not Cortisol can really make us add weight and become over weight.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in your body. It interacts with certain regions of your brain to regulate your mood, motivation, and fear.

Cortisol is produced by your adrenal glands, which are triangle-shaped organs located on top of your kidneys.

But can Cortisol make us add weight?

According to Orlandohealth, Cortisol promotes fat and glucose metabolism, resulting in an energy spike in your body. While this process is necessary for living, it also stimulates your hunger. Elevated cortisol levels can also trigger cravings for sweet, fatty, and salty meals. This suggests that you’re more inclined to eat french fries and a milkshake than a well-balanced dinner.

Excessive amounts of cortisol might also cause your body to create less testosterone. This may result in a loss of muscle mass as well as a reduction in the number of calories burned by your body.

The answer is yes if we have excess Cortisol in our body, we will add weight and become overweight.

How Do You Know If You Have Excess Cortisol?

According to research and published articles from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins Medicine, if you notice any of the following symptoms, then there is every possibility that you have excess cortisol levels.

  1. Feeling always tired, weak and exhausted all through the day.
  2. Always craving for those tasty fries, and all kinds of sweet snacks including sweet drinks like soda.
  3. Sudden weight gain especially around your tummy, face and hips.
  4. General weakness of the body and your muscles take longer to recover.
  5. Mental fatigue. You have trouble focusing and completing tasks.
  6. Lack of motivation to do what you ought to do.

If any of these describes what you are experiencing then you may have excess cortisol. You need to balance your body’s cortisol levels.

How Does Cortisync Work?

Cortisync is made up of adaptogenic herbs and plants. Adaptogens are natural ingredients that help your body respond to physical and mental stressors.

Some of the adaptogens in Cortisync have been utilized for stress treatment for generations. Lemon balm and Rhodiola rosea, for example, have long been used in traditional medicine. L-theanine, holy basil, and other adaptogen substances are also included in Cortisync.

By taking two Cortisync capsules daily, you flood your body with natural substances that can regulate cortisol and boost other benefits. According to PrimeGENIX, the components in Cortisync have been clinically proved to regulate cortisol in as little as two weeks.

Cortisync may be able to balance your cortisol levels within the normal range if you have high cortisol levels, according to the official website. High cortisol levels are caused by stressful lifestyle circumstances, environmental influences, and other concerns. After only a few weeks of usage, Cortisync can aid by regulating cortisol.

Cortisync differs from other stress management products in that it promises to treat the underlying cause of elevated cortisol, which is overactive adrenal glands.

When your adrenal glands are operating properly, they release appropriate quantities of cortisol, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Too much stress, on the other hand, might cause your adrenal glands to become “hyperactive.” Cortisol levels flood your body uncontrollably when this happens.

Adrenal glands become hyperactive when they release excessive amounts of particular hormones. Even if you practice yoga and other stress-reduction strategies, you may be unable to regulate growing cortisol levels due to hyperactive adrenal glands.

This is why Cortisync employs adaptogens. According to PrimeGENIX, the adaptogens in Cortisync can help regulate your adrenal function for healthy cortisol levels:

Adaptogens are plants, herbs, and other natural compounds that boost your body’s tolerance to stress.

Adaptogens can help lower cortisol levels by boosting your body’s resilience to stress.

According to research, the adaptogens in Cortisync strengthen your adrenal glands, therefore addressing the fundamental cause of excessive cortisol levels.

Many of the adaptogens in Cortisync have been used for millennia for this reason: they are natural stress management plants and herbs with potent effects, and they might have a major impact on your stress and cortisol levels.

Ingredients Used To Manufacture Cortisync.

Cortisync has a proprietary mix of 7 adaptogenic ingredients. Each plant-based component was chosen because of its potential to address stress, cortisol, and adrenal health. These adaptogens may be able to regulate cortisol levels by maintaining adrenal health, therefore assisting you in managing your stress response.

According to the official website, these are all of the adaptogens in Cortisync and how they work:

  1.  L-Theanine: L-theanine is a plant-based compound with anti-anxiety and calming properties. L-theanine, which is naturally contained in green tea, may counteract some of the negative effects of caffeine. It penetrates the blood-brain barrier to increase alpha wave activity, providing anti-aging advantages as well as protection against age-related cognitive decline.
  2. Holy Basil: Holy basil has been utilized as a sacred herb in traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) healing for millennia. Historically used to improve overall health and wellness, holy basil is a lush green herb that is today treasured for its stress-relieving properties. Holy basil has been shown in studies to help manage metabolic stress, protect against adrenal exhaustion, and balance cortisol levels in other ways.
  3. Sensoril: Sensoril is one of the most scientifically supported compounds in Cortisync. Multiple clinical research have linked the proprietary component to stress response, cortisol control, and other advantages. Sensoril has been shown in studies to aid with sleep, cortisol levels, and other issues. Sensoril’s maker extracted ashwagandha, concentrated it using a specific procedure, and condensed it into the Sensoril formula. Sensoril is now found in numerous supplements for its remarkable stress-reduction properties. Sensoril enhances the natural cortisol-reducing chemicals found in ashwagandha, supporting a variety of advantages.
  4. Lemon Balm: Many sleep aid products and natural calming remedies contain lemon balm extract. Lemon balm has been demonstrated in recent research to improve mood, cognitive performance, relaxation, and alertness. Lemon balm, like L-theanine, is associated with a peaceful state of alertness: it doesn’t leave you jittery and pumped up like caffeine, but it also doesn’t make you sleepy like melatonin; instead, you may experience calm focus and energy without the stimulant side effects.
  5. Lychee: Lychee, also known as lichi, is a famous tropical fruit that has been farmed for generations. Its use may be traced back to the Roman Empire, where it was regarded as a delicacy. According to PrimeGENIX, lychee is a “cortisol balancing super fruit” since it includes micronutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, and K, as well as other health-promoting minerals.
  6. Magnolia: Magnolia is a tree that is grown all over the world for its therapeutic benefits. Researchers have discovered that the active compounds in magnolia make it simpler to sleep and relax. Some research has even connected magnolia to stress-relieving properties.
  7. Rhodiola Rosea: One of the most well-known adaptogens is Rhodiola rosea. It’s also one of the most well-studied adaptogens. According to research, Rhodiola can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed in stressful situations. In fact, Russian cosmonauts utilized rhodiola to increase cognitive function and minimize weariness. Other research have also connected rhodiola rosea to a longer lifetime, with one study finding that it increased the maximum lifespan of fruit flies by 31%.

According to PrimeGENIX, each of the components in Cortisync has been found to help lower cortisol considerably on its own. However, consuming all seven elements at once can offer much greater advantages.

Scientific Proof That Cortisync Works.

Cortisync’s creators describe hundreds of research demonstrating the formulation works to regulate cortisol and alleviate stress.

It’s also worth noting that Cortisync comes highly recommended by Dr. Kaleb Redden, PrimeGENIX’s team doctor. Dr. Redden is an exercise and nutrition specialist who understands the risks of elevated cortisol levels. Dr. Redden now suggests utilizing Cortisync to assist manage cortisol levels.
Sensoril is one of the most scientifically supported compounds in Cortisync. It’s a patented, proprietary solution based on an adaptogenic plant. Sensoril provided much superior stress management benefits than a placebo in one research published on the Cortisync website, including:

  • 7 times less tiredness
  • Sleep improved by 70%.
  • 91% improvement in endothelial function
  • increased attention by twofold
  • Stress was reduced by 62.2%.
  • Cortisol was reduced by 15% compared to a placebo, which increased by 4.4% during the same time period.

These findings are based on 12 human clinical studies, not one random clinical experiment. Sensoril, in other words, has been demonstrated to function in several human tests in a variety of circumstances, and it may actually reduce cortisol levels, according to these research.

A subsequent Sensoril research found that the compound lowered total daily stress by 62.2%. Participants consumed 500mg of Sensoril before performing squats and bench presses to stress their bodies. Sensoril group participants exhibited 62.2% lower stress levels than placebo group participants.

According to a third research mentioned by PrimeGENIX, Sensoril can also aid enhance sleep. Participants in one trial who received 125mg of Sensoril or a placebo reported considerably improved sleep. Participants felt physically and psychologically refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized when they awoke.

Meanwhile, one research discovered that Sensoril may aid with bipolar illness. The study, conducted in partnership with the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression, discovered that taking 500mg of Sensoril might aid with specific symptoms of bipolar illness.

More human clinical studies on Sensoril, including all of the trials described above, may be found here.

Pricing Options For Cortisync.

Cortisync costs $59.95 per bottle, however the price reduces considerably when you get three or six bottles.

Cortisync Review - Does It Work, Is It Legit?
Cortisync Review – Does It Work, Is It Legit?

Here’s how pricing works when you buy online today:

  1. 1 month supply is $59.95 plus shipping.
  2. $169.95 for a three-month supply plus shipping
  3. 6 month supply: $319.95 + free shipping to the United States

Cortisync is supplied in each container for one month (60 capsules / 30 doses). To help regulate cortisol levels, you take two capsules everyday.

How To Buy Cortisync.

You can buy Cortisync by ordering it online from the manufacturer’s official website which is

Take note that Cortisync is only sold online via the manufacturer’s official website.

Refund Policy.

Cortisync comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. You have 67 days from the date of purchase to obtain a full refund with no questions asked.

If you are dissatisfied with Cortisync for any reason, or if you did not observe any stress-related advantages while taking the formula, you are entitled to a complete refund within 67 days of purchase.


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