After a court decision, transgender children in Utah can now participate in girls’ sports.

Transgender girls in Utah will be able to participate in girls’ sports when the school year begins, after a court overturned a prohibition awaiting legal appeals from parents on Friday.

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Instead of an explicit prohibition, transgender girls will now be brought before a panel that will decide if their involvement threatens fairness on a case-by-case basis. The panel was established by Utah’s Republican lawmakers under a statute approved earlier this year as a backup plan to be executed in the event of an injunction against the law.

The panel will be able by law to request and evaluate the child’s height and weight when determining whether a transgender female would have an unfair advantage.

The group, which is expected to meet in the coming weeks, will include of politically nominated specialists from athletics and medical.

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When it was first presented, the commission was chastised by advocates for transgender student-athletes, who were concerned that having their bodies measured would make them feel targeted, as well as supporters of an absolute ban, who believed it did not go far enough.

The commission will take effect while the court considers the legal challenge to the outright prohibition. Members have yet to be selected, but will be in the coming weeks, according to legislative leaders.